Winning Keno Strategies From The Pros

According to the world’s most celebrated keno expert David Cowles, the best way to win at keno is to play smartly and stretch your dollar. In a game like keno where the odds are very low, then it is best to use a scientific methodology to select numbers that can help you win the jackpot. The experts feel that all the 80 numbers in Keno are connected to each other and while some are dominant, others are random.

Keno Strategies

Selecting lucky keno games

As there are different types of games in keno, it is best to select few numbers and keep placing small wagers on them. Instead of selecting keno with large odds look for 6 – 7 spot tickets as odds are better. After selecting the number decide your bet amount and spread it in different games to give you more money combinations. Victor Royer’s book Powerful Profits about keno focuses on video keno by stating in a detailed manner how machines operate and how to play successfully on popular keno games like Cleopatra Keno, Caveman Keno, Spot and Multi Cart Keno.

Keno strategies

All keno players should have around four to eight numbers as special digits that will be played in all games and will be part of their winning keno strategy. By making smaller betting amounts, you can reduce wagering amounts and fine tune wagering amounts. Experts also use charts and tables in their strategies to understand odds and make their wagers with confidence. When playing keno, check house edge as well. When the house edge is 30 percent then you are likely to spend 43 percent more money than received. The video keno odds are better than live keno, but a number of times one tends to play more on video keno, so losses will be more.

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