Strip’s Gaming Revenue Falls Due To Poor Baccarat Results

The strip’s gaming revenue took a bad hit with Baccarat numbers going as low as $64.7 million. The present revenue is said to be 53.7 percent lower than last year’s revenue in June 2014. The revenue for Baccarat dropped down by 20 percent in the first six months. As for wagers, there was a drop of 43 percent with gamblers wagering a poor $616.7 million. Casino winnings settled at a meagre 9.4 percent; a significant drop compared to previous year’s 12.4 percent.

revenue falls in baccarat

The cost of damage

According to analysts, previous year’s gaming revenue enjoyed a 154.8 percent increase, making it a very high number to achieve. However, the damage done was still significant; even though last year’s gaming revenue and volume totals for June were the highest recorded.

The Gaming Control Board stated that Nevada’s gaming revenue suffered a reduction of 8 percent, bringing the numbers down to $830.9 million in June. As for the strip, gaming revenue fell all the way down to 16.3 percent, with numbers showing $445.5 million.

This numbers were a major disappointment, especially considering the fact that the gaming numbers produced in May marked the first billion dollar gaming revenue for the state since December 2013. The Strip’s $601.2 million earnings were the highest earnings in a single month since December 2013. Unfortunately, the Baccarat numbers ruined the whole show according to an analyst. In fact, without Baccarat, the losses would’ve been less significant. The Strip’s gaming revenue would have witnessed only a drop of 3 percent.

Revenue from other games

Slot machine revenue losses were also very low at $230.8, a drop of 4.1 percent. Slot revenues were actually up 4.4 percent, in the first 6 months, this year. As for the table games’ revenue, numbers were at $157 million excluding Baccarat, indicating a drop of just .3 percent.

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