Resorts Casino Hotel Online Gaming Lounge Proves Popular

Atlantic City’s sixth casino to introduce online gambling, Resorts Casino Hotel, took a further step to merge in-person and online gaming. The Casino did this by introducing its Internet Gaming Lounge recently.

Resorts Casino Hotel owner Morris Bailey told Associated Press news agency that it is his hope to see the lounge familiarising punters with internet gambling by combining both genres in a relaxed atmosphere that is player friendly.

What the casino owner believes

ResortsCasinoHotelBailey believes both internet gaming and in-person playing complement each other and are not direct competitors. He thinks the general public fear the competition of online gaming versus traditional standalone casinos. He believes it will be an asset to each other.

While talking about the Resorts’ new Internet facility, Morris insisted the online gambling part of his business would assist the traditional standalone gamblers understand the games better and feel at home playing online.

What’s new

The new lounge comes with state of the art amenities to make the player’s experience a joy and have them feel comfortable with the games. The well trained and well staffed employee body who will be assisting gamblers and punters with both online and mobile registration as well as depositing and playing experience. There will be a seamless and no pressure atmosphere in assisting players towards getting the most out of their gaming experience at the Resorts Casino Hotel. Online and in person gamblers are equally valuable to the Casino and they will soon be playing the same game side by side.

The new facility also provides small tablets that guests can use. The walls will carry large video touch screens where players can better understand table and slots games as provided by online gambling software supplier NYX Gaming.

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